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Geisha Coffee

Geisha Coffee
A unique subspecies!
Introducing this subspecies in 10 paragraphs

Gosha or Geisha coffee is one of the most special Arabica coffee subspecies.

🗣 The name “Geisha” refers to a village and a mountain in western Ethiopia. The pronunciation of the name of this city in Ethiopian language is spelled as geisha and gesha.

☕️ The cup obtained from this subspecies is considered one of the most complex coffees in the world, which is unique and has the least similarity in taste and quality with other subspecies of Arabica coffee.

In today’s world of green coffee business, the name “Geisha” refers to several subspecies of Arabica coffee that have completely different genetic patterns and many of them originate from Ethiopia.

Its prototypes were first discovered in the 1930s in the coffee plantations of Ethiopia.
Then to Tanzania🇹🇿
And then in 1953, it was taken to a research center in Costa Rica (CATIE). 🇨🇷
The path of this subspecies fell to Panama in the 1960s..🇵🇦
But due to its fragile branches, it was not accepted by farmers

In 2005, the Peterson family, the owner of the Hacienda La Esmeralda company in Panama, entered this coffee into the “Best of Panama” auction and competition, and this was the beginning of the rediscovery of the Geisha subspecies and its global fame.
In that auction, each pound of Geisha coffee was sold for 803 dollars and broke the green coffee price record.

🌟 During the recent years, Geisha subspecies coffee has brought the participants to the top positions in many seven coffee competitions in different disciplines.

According to the research of the World Coffee Research Center (WCR), the genetic map of the Panamanian geisha is unique and uniform.

↔️ Geisha coffees are cultivated today in Ethiopia and Malawi, whose genetic map is different from Panamanian Geisha.

Geisha is less fruitful..
Its branches are thin, but they withstand strong winds.
It is resistant to the leaf rust pest…
Its plant can grow to a great height.
(The cup made from geisha grown at high altitudes and carefully kept, has a very high quality and is known for its floral, jasmine and peach aromas.)

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