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The issue that comes with coffee consumption is whether its use is beneficial or harmful for health. The most accurate answer that can be given to this question is that if you buy original and high-quality coffee mates and use it in moderation, coffee mates will bring positive results to your body; For example: it is non-dairy and contains no lactose or cholesterol. It is a suitable option for those who are on a diet. They are low in calories and do not cause weight gain. Of course, if you buy the low-calorie and diet type. They have a very long shelf life and it is a very good alternative for hot regions where milk spoils very quickly. It has different flavors and makes you not tired of drinking coffee. Coffee Mate is sweetened using glucose extract and is a suitable option for those who are overweight due to the absence of sugar. But if you buy fake and low-quality coffee and use a large amount of them, eating them may have side effects.

The artificial thickeners carrageenan and polysorbate in some coffees cause cholesterol. Using harmful artificial sweeteners in some brands causes type 2 diabetes. The use of artificial colors causes inflammation and dizziness in some people. In the long term, it may cause complications such as; kidney failure and cardiovascular diseases. In some people, it causes inflammation. A video has been published on the Internet about coffee mate, which burns easily by pouring it and lighting a lighter, and this has caused many people to think that this food is very harmful to health because it catches fire; While the reason for this is another issue: scientifically, carbohydrates and sugars are flammable foods. Now, when this sugar and carbohydrate comes in the form of powder, its ignition power multiplies. For this reason, the risk of ignition and explosion is very high in flour and sugar factories. Therefore, it is natural that a coffee that contains powdered sugar like this burns.

If you are allergic to milk lactose and you want to make your coffee delicious and avoid cream and sugar that can have high effects on your health, the best option is definitely coffee mate or milk powder. Especially if you buy the original Nestlé brand.

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