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Coffee in Italy

Have you ever faced this question, what are the customs of serving coffee in different countries? Did you know that in some parts of the world, refusing to drink a cup of coffee is considered rude or insulting? Coffee and its serving customs are intertwined in many cultures. Every country has its own coffee traditions and they drink it differently. When visiting foreign countries, do some research before traveling to make sure you drink your coffee respectfully in front of others. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the customs and traditions and culture of drinking and serving coffee in different countries of the world: In Italy, a glass of water is usually served next to coffee, so that you can prepare yourself to drink coffee.

Coffee is always ordered after the meal. Coffee is not ordered before and during meals. In this country, espresso coffee is drunk as a shot in a cafe. Also, it is common to drink cappuccino in the morning and not during the rest of the day. In Italy, the use of liquor in coffee is common. In Italy, basic coffee is usually consumed in the form of espresso. Ready coffee is usually sold only to tourists. The tradition of drinking coffee has been prevalent in Italy for a long time. Just look at how old their cafes are. Cafe Greco is the oldest cafe in Rome, founded in 1760. Florian is also in Venice, the oldest cafe in Italy.

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