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👇☕️ Cutting the bottom of the milk on the coffee; This unfortunate incident can happen to any barista at any time. It has been seen that the cappuccino or latte sits on the counter for a little too long and the texture of the microfoam or microfoam or the milk foam completely starts to break down and bubble. As a result, the drink no longer looks “fresh” and attractive to the customer. This often means that the barista has to prepare another drink, which wastes coffee, milk and, of course, service time. But why does this happen? And how can baristas stop it? 👇👇👇👇

Sam Pinkerton is the Head of Education at Clive Coffee in Portland, Oregon. “As soon as you steam the milk, assuming it’s well-textured and your froth is smooth, you’ve gone against time and gravity,” he says. In fact, “as the drink settles, the milk begins to drain from the foam, causing the lighter air bubbles to rise.” Air is less dense than milk and water, so it gradually floats to the surface, while liquids sink to the bottom of the milk. These small bubbles grow into larger bubbles until the air pressure inside the bubble exceeds the strength of the proteins holding it and the bubble pops. This can happen even to the best microfoam or milk foam on coffee.”

“Competition with other compounds on the milk’s surface may also prevent the formation of stable surface layers,” Tom says. One of these compounds is fat. Milk fat globules typically range in size from 0.1 to 10 µm and provide milk foam with the appropriate sensory characteristics, flavor, and mouthfeel desired by consumers. The lack of fat allows the proteins to fully enclose the bubbles, which means excellent stability when creating the foam. However, this consistency means that the milk is often too stiff and solid for performing latte art. Research has shown that, on average, bubbles appear two to three minutes after pouring a drink. It is best to serve the best drinks before this stage. This means customers get drinks that not only look great, but also have the best possible texture. Foamer powder will provide the necessary fat and protein to create a stable foam for your coffee.




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