Coffee beans

Coffee in Turkey

And this time in Turkey in this country, after the meal, Turkish black coffee is served with Turkish sweet candy. Because Turkish coffee is strong, it is never ordered twice. If you want to drink more, then your next order should be tea. Also, sugar is often added during the preparation of coffee and usually not after brewing. Once you’ve had your coffee, it’s often natural to read your fortune from the coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup. Turkish coffee, known as Turkish kahvesi, is a sweet and delicious drink that is loved by the locals. This coffee is made from very finely ground and unfiltered coffee beans and is mixed with sugar just before boiling the water to make it sweet. Turkish coffee is traditionally made in brass or copper pots called cezves. Turkish coffee etiquette, the next part: France 🇫🇷 Zagros trading importer of all kinds of raw coffee beans in Iran


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