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The difference between classic and gold coffee is the difference between these two types of coffee in their processing methods, which leads to differences in their taste and appearance. In the production of classic instant coffee, only the thermal method of spray drying is used, which makes you have a thicker coffee with a heavier aroma. But in instant gold coffee, the thermal method of spray drying and freezing is used, which makes the original aroma and taste of coffee more preserved and has a more golden color and a milder taste than classic instant coffee. Also, research has shown that the amount of caffeine in classic instant coffee is more than gold, because of this, gold coffee has a milder taste than classic.

But when choosing between these two types of coffee, you should consider your taste, do you like coffee with a bitter and thick taste or a coffee with a milder taste? In Iran, the popularity of Gold instant coffee is more than its classic type, because of the main taste of Iranians who prefer milder flavors and that you can feel the aroma and taste of coffee better in Gold type. For this reason, Gold instant coffee has a higher price than classic. The difference between regular coffee and instant coffee is very small, but there may be a slight difference in the amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and caffeine.

The main difference is in their amount of potassium and caffeine, that regular coffee has 2 times more potassium and caffeine than instant coffee. For this reason, by eating a cup of regular coffee, you will get the caffeine you need for your work, but with instant coffee, you will need to drink more than 2 cups. As mentioned, research has shown that the amount of antioxidants in instant coffee is higher than regular coffee, although we know that coffee is not the only food source of antioxidants and these compounds are found in many fruits and vegetables. In terms of preparation and preparation of coffees, convenience is more in instant coffees and it does not require many and expensive tools and equipment. And you can easily make this coffee with your desired taste at home or anywhere. But to have regular coffee at home, you will need special equipment and it will take you more time to prepare it, although we always suggest you to brew freshly roasted coffee and nothing else can replace the aroma of fresh coffee. does not take Instant coffee produced by


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