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Different Coffee Grinders(2)

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Electric coffee grinder: The electric coffee grinder is used for coffee shops and for places where there are many people who drink coffee during the day, such as hotels. Or even for some home espresso machines that require very fine grinding of coffee. Electric coffee grinders are divided into two categories, blade coffee grinders and toothed coffee grinders, according to the type of blade. The toothed coffee grinder itself is divided into two groups: the toothed plate and the toothed funnel. The function of all electric coffee grinders is the same, and their difference is only in the shape of the blade. The way these devices work is that you first adjust the fineness or coarseness of the coffee. Then by turning on the machine, the coffee beans move towards the blades and are ground. Finally, the guiding levers pour the ground coffee into the hopper.

The great and unique feature of these electric grinders is that you can choose the fineness or coarseness of the ground coffee very precisely. Effective factors in choosing the size of the grinder: 1️⃣The type of coffee pot should be ground according to the type of coffee drink. For example, to prepare espresso, the ground coffee should be soft, for Turkish coffee, the ground coffee should be very fine, and to prepare French coffee, it should be coarsely ground. 2️⃣Type of coffee maker In addition to the type of coffee, the coffee maker used is also important. For example, if the coffee maker is a French press, you should use coarsely ground coffee. If your coffee maker is a combus or siphon, you need a medium coffee grinder, and for an espresso maker, a very fine ground coffee. You can read more in the third part of educational posts on the Zagros page:



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