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Instant coffee is also called instant coffee or coffee powder. It is a type of drink obtained from brewed coffee beans. Since its invention, researchers have sought to improve the properties of instant coffee in various ways. For example, some early powdered products did not dissolve easily in water and lumps of powder floated on the surface of the cup. Also, the aroma of coffee is very volatile. Therefore, manufacturers have tried to create methods that give the smell of freshly ground coffee when opening the lid of the instant coffee jar.

Steps of instant coffee production: – The extraction of instant coffee production begins with brewing coffee in highly efficient extraction equipment. The purified water is passed through a series of (five to eight) columns of ground coffee beans. The water first passes through several hot cells (140-180 degrees Celsius). Some of this water is operated at higher than atmospheric pressure to extract difficult compounds such as carbohydrates. Then it passes through two or more cold cells (100 degrees Celsius) to extract more flavorful compounds. The coffee extract is passed through a heat exchanger and cooled to 5 degrees Celsius. At the end of this cycle, the extracted coffee extract contains 20-30% solids.

The next step is filtration and concentration..

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