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It’s time to learn how to use technology to brew great coffee. The Gina coffee maker from the Slovenian company Gut Story is a unique device that brews your coffee in three different ways. This smart dripper with very high quality and accurate milk allows you to brew your coffee. Be creative and brew your coffee by drip, immersion or a combination of the two. The special system of this brewer also has the ability to brew cold brew. In the smart model, a very precise scale is placed inside its lower part to increase the accuracy of your brewing, and by using the software, the user has complete control over the process. This device has been used many times in world competitions and by representatives of different countries, and it was in the world brewing competition in 2018 that Mrs. Amy Fukahari won the world championship with Gina.

Dripper Gina is a smart coffee machine that turns you into a professional barista in a cafe and does the work of 3 different tools for you: -Clover coffee maker -Drip coffee maker (pour over) -Cold brew coffee maker Due to its smartness, Gina coffee maker is connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and is controlled by its special app. In the special program of this device, all types of coffee brewing methods are fully explained and the program is controlled by the time and the scale available on the device. You can also prepare tea and other drinks with this device. Note that you need a kettle to make immersion coffee. Finally, the Gina coffee maker is a very special coffee maker with multi-functional capabilities that is considered a luxury item, so if you are looking for a special gift and are not worried about its price, don’t hesitate and get this coffee maker immediately. coffee coffee_brewing_brewing_coffee_green_coffee_importing_coffee training Gina coffee_Gina brewing_Gina’s tool 🔻 Iranian coffee information source:



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