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Many may think that coffee is a European drink, but the fact is that one of the original origins of a drink called coffee is the Asian Arab tribes. For years, the Arabs kept the method of brewing Arabic coffee like a secret formula among themselves. Arabic coffee gave them energy and helped them endure the harsh conditions of the deserts. Of course, Arabic coffee is brewed in different ways, and in the following you will learn one of the best of these methods. Arabic coffee is very close to Turkish coffee. So don’t worry about preparing special tools to brew this type of coffee. But Arabs brew it traditionally and in official ceremonies with a device called dallah.

The way of working and the performance of Dele is similar to that of Jazoh. Both heat the water and coffee powder in a relatively uniform manner and cause the coffee to brew.

🔸️ Necessary ingredients for preparing Arabic coffee in the authentic and traditional way:

water, very fine and soft coffee powder, cardamom powder, cloves, saffron (optional),

remove the pod from the heat for 30 seconds and let it cool down a little, and in the meantime, reduce the flame. do. At this stage, add a tablespoon of coffee to the water for each person and put it on the flame again. You don’t need to mix coffee with water because it will mix with water after boiling. Put the coffee on low heat, after a few minutes it will start to foam. After observing the foam, take it off the heat and after the foam subsides, put it back on the heat, you should repeat this two or three times until the foaming process no longer occurs.

After that, put the coffee on a gentle flame for 20 minutes. Then add the spices. Wait in this position for 5 minutes until the undissolved coffee settles in the water and the herbs you added to the coffee brew. At this stage, the coffee is almost ready and you should pour it into the cup. Try to use a strainer to pour the coffee and make sure that the settled coffee does not enter the cup as much as possible. Pour the coffee into small cups that are special for serving Arabic coffee. In the traditional way of preparing Arabic coffee, these cups are usually filled less than half. Arabic coffee is without sugar and it is served with dates, figs or other sweets.

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