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This taste, which coffee?

This post is very useful for you! 📝Classification of the taste of coffee memories ✔️ for the first time in a new style by the Zagros commercial research team

In this post, you will get to know seven groups of the main coffee memory flavors that you can find the coffee that suits your taste according to your taste 👇😍

 Fruit flavor Sour in the coffees of: Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala

Sweet fruity taste in the coffees of: Tanzania Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Uganda

Floral or flowery taste in the coffees of: Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Geisha Panama

Honey taste in the coffees of: Brazil, Burundi Africa, Geisha Panama

  Nutty taste (walnut, almond, peanut flavors) 👈  coffees: Costa Rica, Sumatra, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala

Chocolate-caramel-vanilla flavor 👈 in coffees: Colombia India Plantation, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, Uganda, Guatemala, Peru, Geisha Panama

Strong sour taste in Arabica coffees, especially Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica

 Bitter and astringent taste in Robusta coffees Especially Indian Cherry, Vietnam, Indonesia, Java and EP One, also in Arabica Geisha Panama

(Note: the type of processing of raw coffee beans and the type of roasting affects the final taste) 🔸️ Sponsor: Zagros Trading 🌍 Importer of all types of raw coffee beans in Iran, Arabica and Robusta 🚚 Shipping all over the country 💰

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