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SCA cupping method 3

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🔸️Subject: Coffee Cupping

6️⃣Test the coffee:

Note❗️: The longer the brewing time is, it will make you achieve flavors that cannot be obtained at high temperatures🌡.

The SCA organization recommends that the brewing time should last between 3 and 5 minutes, but sometimes people prefer this time to be longer, the important thing is that this time is the same for all samples..


Typically, before inserting the spoon into a sample, clean the spoon in a beaker filled with purified boiling water.

Don’t try to slurp the coffee too loudly, this is not a loud drinking competition, says the SCA. However, as before, don’t test the coffee silently and quietly! Spraying coffee in your mouth will spread its flavors in your mouth and make them better understood! Clean the spoon before and after dipping it into a sample. The SCA organization says: This old practice ensures that, in addition to maintaining hygiene, the taste of different samples do not interfere with each other.

Test each coffee sample as many times as you want and at the end write down your overall impression 👈 in the score sheet form (which is the subject of our next tutorial)

No matter how challenging or difficult it may seem, you can become a pro at coping. Just remember to be consistent, always keep up with the evaluation forms, and make practicing the sense of taste a habit!

✔️ Introduction of coffee cupping sheet form, in the next post.

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