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Different Coffee Grinders (3)

The third part

1️⃣Gear mill: The features of the gear mill is one of the important features of this device is its longevity, which can work for a long time with very good quality. And because it is fully automatic, it is much easier to work with than a blade. However, two defects of the device may make us unable to buy it, the first is the higher price of the device, which is much higher than the bladed type due to being automatic, and the second is the problem of cleaning, because the gears are too complicated, it is difficult to clean.

2️⃣Blade grinder: This type of grinder has a very sharp blade that can grind coffee by rotating, this type of device has a lower price than the toothed model, because it has a simpler structure. There are both electric and manual grinders in the market, which you can choose according to your needs.

✅️ The best blade grinder brands:

🚩 Arvings coffee grinder model H109

🚩 Bosch coffee grinder model MKM6003

✅️ The best gear grinder brands:

🚩 DeLonghi coffee grinder model KG79

🚩 Nova coffee grinder model NM-3660CG

🚩 N600 coffee grinder


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