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What is the flavor cycle of coffee?

Introduction in 7 paragraphs:

☸️ The taste circles of coffee bring a colorful and comprehensive picture of taste and aroma to its audience.

You may not be familiar with some of them, but this is just part of the complex world of coffee. ♻️Cycle design is such that it encourages its audience to start using the center of the cycle. Generic flavors are at the center and become more unique as we move outwards. For example, when we test an Ethiopian coffee, we may feel a fruity taste from it, so after understanding this general taste, we try to look carefully at the outer layer of the coffee’s taste cycles to understand where this taste belongs. There is a branch of fruit flavors, i.e. cherries, dried fruits, citrus fruits, etc., and then by continuing the process, we reach the desired fruit.

👀Our sense of sight is strongly connected with other senses, so a coffee can taste “shiny” or “red” or “green”. 🎨 That is why there has been a special attention on the coloring of the flavor cycles of coffee and an effort has been made to match each item.

In fact, colors are used to better transfer taste to the brain

👈 If two color bands are completely attached to each other, it means that the coffee testers in our research consider these two flavors to be completely related to each other.

👈 But if they are a little far apart, their taste connection and closeness is not as much as the two that are stuck together. The greater the distance between the two bars, the less close their taste is..

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