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Full introduction of this subspecies in 10 paragraphs:

👨‍🌾 At the beginning of the 18th century, some tipica trees were taken by French traders to the island of Bourbon (currently under the siege of Réunion) in the Indian Ocean.

🚜 After planting there, they found mutation..
And they were modified to a subspecies with higher performance and exceptional sweetness.

This subspecies is one of the Arabica species.

🍫 You will often feel the mild chocolate flavor of this subspecies in your cup.

Compared to other species, it has little resistance to pests and decay, so they should be checked more carefully when choosing.

📍 This subspecies is usually in:
Brazil 🇧🇷
Rwanda 🇷🇼
El Salvador 🇸🇻
And all over Central America 🇺🇸
It grows and is found.

The reason why you should know about Bourbon coffee is the same as Typica coffee:
👈 Because this plant is one of the first types of coffee and has caused the emergence of a number of other types of coffee.

⚜️ Almost this type of bourbon is the parent of all types of coffee we know.

The name bourbon has nothing to do with alcoholic beverages.
And it is the name of the island from which this coffee originates and is now known as Reunion Island.

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