Coffee beans

Coffee Acidity

Grape acid, apple acid, and lemon acid are present in coffee! Read the acidity of coffee from zero to one hundred 👇

 ⭕️ The acidity of coffee is the same as the sourness of coffee.

❌️ The majority of Iranian people prefer the bitterness of coffee to pickled coffee, but with the passage of time and the use of commercial coffees and coffee produced abroad, the taste of coffee lovers in Iran has gradually changed, and today there are not many fans of pickled coffee.

 2️⃣ Two factors affecting the acidity or sourness of coffee:

1- Coffee breed: In Arabica coffees, your coffee is sour, but in Robusta coffees, this aftertaste is bitter.

👈So, the acidity or sourness of coffee happens in Arabica coffees, and in Robusta, acidity has no meaning and meaning to some extent. We speak mixed.

2- Degree of coffee roasting: by roasting, your coffee will taste bitter and its sourness will be reduced.

So coffee with low roast (light) has the most acidity among coffee roasts, and coffee with high roast (dark) has the least acidity.

According to the studies, the seeds of: Mexico 🇲🇽 Jamaica 🇯🇲 and Ethiopia 🇪🇹 due to the climatic conditions, the growth of these seeds have the highest acid and pH, and if you like sour coffee, you should go for these seeds.

🥵 What problems does coffee pickle cause? One of the main problems of drinking coffee with high acid is stomach reflux.

If your customer has stomach reflux (sourness) after drinking your coffee, this is not good for a coffee shop or cafe or coffee shop.

He says to himself that he won’t make coffee for me, or he won’t come to you to make his daily coffee anymore.

What is the solution?

-Using milk or cream

-Cold brewing

-Medium roast level

-Less amount of grinding

🧂-Adding a small amount of salt

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