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The oldest Arabica coffee in the world!
Introducing this subspecies in 9 paragraphs

Typica coffee is one of the main and old varieties of Arabica coffee. which has been cultivated for many years and many species have emerged from it.

It was cultivated for the first time in the 15th or 16th century in southeastern Ethiopia. The prototypes of the Typica subspecies were also in Java, which were taken to other regions from the same island of Java in the early 18th century. After 1720, Tipica reached the Caribbean and Latin America.

📥 Java and Timor can be mentioned among the important species of Tipica coffee plant.

Cultivation areas:
Central America🇺🇸
and Asia🌍
The quality of the Typica subspecies cultivated in Central American countries is higher than that of other origins.

Unfortunately, low productivity and sensitive to pests

Clear taste and sweet acidity

🌴 The word tipica also refers to a group of subspecies of Arabica coffee, whose common feature is the tall height of their tree.
🌱 The leaves of the Tipica subspecies tree are conical in shape and reach a height of 4.5 meters. The tips of the young leaves of the Tipica coffee tree turn dark bronze and its fruit and seeds are relatively large.

Some of the most famous genetic offspring of the Typica subspecies are:

Blue Mountain (Jamaica, Papua New Guinea)
Garundang (Sumatra)
Kona (Hawaii)
Arabigo (America)
Pluma Hidalgo (Mexico)
San Bernardo and San Ramon (San Bernardo & San Ramon) (Brazil)
Kents & Chickumalgu (India)

Looking at the list above, we see that some of the most popular coffee subspecies, such as Blumantine, Sumatra, and Kona, are descendants of Tipica. By combining Typica itself and its children with other subspecies, other subspecies are obtained that are better in terms of productivity and quality; Among them, we can mention Pacamara, Mundo Novo and Katwai.
which we will discuss separately in the next posts..

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