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Siphon coffee brewing

A siphon or vacuum pot is a device for brewing instant coffee that was invented by Leof O. Berlin in 1830 and was known as the best way to obtain the clearest and purest coffee, although simpler methods were found in the 20th century. This device for brewing coffee became obsolete. One of the reasons for the obsolescence of the complexity of brewing coffee is the use of two glass chambers that brew coffee by evaporating and creating a vacuum.

But the siphon produces the best coffee taste, which is in no way comparable to drip coffee makers. Also, you will get a very clean and tasty cup of coffee with no traces of coffee grounds left at the bottom of the cup. The siphon brewing method increases the aroma of coffee compared to any other method. How to use siphon coffee maker 🔻 First, pour water into the lower tank of the machine and turn on the flame of the heat source placed under the machine so that the water heats up a little. Then close the upper compartment on the device. Grind the coffee beans moderately. Secure the upper container in place and increase the flame until the water reaches the boiling point.

When the water reaches the boiling point, it passes through the filter and enters the upper chamber, and a small amount remains in the lower chamber. At this stage, slowly add the coffee powder to the water and stir until the mixture is uniform. Then reduce the flame and stir the coffee and water mixture again. After one and a half to two minutes, turn off the flame. After turning off the flame, the coffee slowly passes through the coffee siphon filter and enters the lower chamber. This process takes about 3 minutes. After the coffee is completely poured into the lower chamber, remove the upper chamber. Pour the coffee into the serving cup. Enjoy your meal! coffee coffee_brewing_brewing_coffee_import_coffee_green_coffee Education ✅️ Coffee information source in Iran:



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