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🔸️Subject: Coffee Cupping

Cupping is a quality check method for each coffee sample.. From detecting the overall quality of coffee to detecting its inherent characteristics (such as acidity and windiness) and its flavor notes. The cupping technique is believed to have started in the early nineteenth century, when traders used it to identify the type of coffee for trade and its flavor stability. ☕️

They started cupping. 🗓 In 1999, this technique was used in the “Best Cups” competition, and then it was introduced to the American Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 📖 and led to the creation of guidelines that were also noticed by the international .coffee community

But cupping is not only for choosing coffee for buying and quality control.. It will also help to create roast profiles, brewing methods, etc. Objectives of coping: 📝 Description and analysis of the main taste elements in coffee such as sweetness, acidity and aftertaste. As well as permanence and specific characteristics in the flavor notes, we can find a perspective of the best output of a coffee, for example ☕️ How about serving espresso ♨️ And what about the process of processing and roasting it.. ✔️ How to do correct cupping, in the next post, stay with us.. 🏷Sponsored by :

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