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Phin coffee brewer (Vietnamese)

Vietnamese coffee is considered one of the most famous coffees in the world due to its special taste. The Vietnamese coffee filter brews more strongly than the American drip machine and is different from the French press, which has many factors. This filter is sometimes referred to as a Vietnamese press or a Vietnamese dropper, but it is all the same item or fin. “Fin” (pronounced like feen) How to prepare Vietnamese coffee In this tutorial, we are going to prepare for you how to make cold Vietnamese coffee with the Fin machine, which has a special taste. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of Vietnamese coffee, 1 to 3 tablespoons of condensed milk (milk with honey), boiling water (as needed), 5 ice cubes

First, we heat the desired cup with water, then add up to 3 tablespoons (30 grams) of condensed milk to our cup. Next, you should put the metal lid that prevents the coffee from rising inside the filter (place the metal lid in such a way that it prevents the coffee from being compressed). Now it’s time to add hot water to the filter, first we pour 10 grams of water (temperature of about 90 degrees) into the filter so that the coffees are a little wet. After 10 seconds, we add 100 grams of water to the coffee maker and then put the main lid on the filter and wait until the coffee is completely ready. Then we put the coffee maker (fin) on the cup and add about 30 grams of coffee to it. we do. Try to make the coffee in the filter completely smooth (by slightly shaking the filter, the coffees will be smooth). After 10 minutes, your coffee is ready and you can drink it by adding some ice cubes and stirring it.

Vietnamese coffee is an intensely tonic and sweet coffee that is sure to wash away your morning jitters and set you up for the day. The dark roasted coffee and its strong condensed milk that slowly drips through the metal filter (fin) has turned this coffee into a unique coffee. In fact, Vietnamese coffee is a type of coffee brewing method that is made with cultivated coffees. It can be brewed in other countries. But we recommend using robusta coffee to get rid of the special bitter taste of this coffee.






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