Coffee beans

Mokapot coffee brewing

Before starting this tutorial, it is better to know that how to make coffee with Mokapot has small and big tips that only if you follow all of them, you will succeed in making delicious coffee. Therefore, to make coffee with Mokapot, carefully follow the steps mentioned below. First, pour cold water into the bottom tank of the Mokapot (up to the valve). Then pour the coffee powder into the middle basket of the Mokapot and smooth its surface. (There is no need to press the coffee powder in the Mokapot basket)

After sifting the coffee powder, the next step to make coffee with a mokapot is to close the upper part of the mokapot to the lower part and place it on a low flame. Now wait for your coffee to be ready, although a little before this When the espresso comes out of the upper cylinder, you will notice its aroma and sound. Tips for preparing sarso with Mokapot: Mokapot coffee should not be simmered or boiled. Be sure to throw away the espresso you brew for the first time in your coffee pot. Espresso is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so warm your cups before pouring the espresso.




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