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What a strange name! Have you ever heard? In Kalita Wave, instead of 1 exit and extracting place which is like this in Komex and V60, you have 3 exit and extracting holes, and also your bottom is smooth, which is a feature of any channelization of water in It removes the coffee grounds, resulting in a super-crisp cup. Necessary equipment for brewing Kalita Wave filter kettle or coffee kettle water scale timer coffee mug Weigh 15 grams of coffee. Grind your coffee to medium. Heat 225 grams of water to a temperature between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius (wait 30 seconds after the water boils). Wash the filter. Pour your coffee into the Kalita View filter. Pour 25 grams of water. After 30 seconds, add 75 grams of water. Now wait for 30 seconds and then pour 75 grams of water again.

And at the end, after 30 seconds, which is 90 seconds in the whole process, add the last 50 grams of water. Wait for all the drops to come out and your coffee is ready to drink. Making coffee with the Kalita View is exactly that simple. However, in general, the Kalita View coffee maker is designed to make a thicker and heavier drink than other drip or drip coffee makers. Let them prepare like a coffee maker. This coffee maker has two sizes, 155 and 185, and all the points we reviewed are true for both models, and the only difference is in the amount of water and coffee used, and in the 185 size, you need to use 30 grams of coffee. The amount of water should be around 400 grams, but the rest is the same. The freshness of the coffee is very effective in this coffee maker, and try to make sure that the beans you buy are as fresh as possible.

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Using purified water can also bring you a much better taste and we recommend using company drinking water for Making coffee with Kalita Way. And don’t forget to wash your paper filter at the end because it can play a very key role in creating the flavor of your coffee.

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