Coffee beans

Jezve coffee brewing

Coffee is one of the popular drinks of many people, and there are different brewing methods to prepare it. The use of coffee beans is considered one of the oldest and of course the most popular methods of brewing coffee. The low cost of preparing Jzoveh is a good choice for people who are fans of bitter coffee with an authentic taste and aroma. Jazoh, another name of which is ibrik, is a type of coffee pot that is used to prepare Turkish coffee and has a wide bottom and a narrow opening.

The body is made of stainless steel, brass, copper or ceramic. Copper plates are one of the best types. Because copper can transfer heat evenly and produce high-quality coffee. There are different sizes of jozohs that we choose according to the number of cups. This container has a long handle that prevents possible hand burns. Its rim makes it easier to pour coffee into the cup. Also, its narrow edge facilitates the formation of foam on the coffee, which is a sign of quality coffee.

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