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Hibrido de Timor coffee!

Hybrid Timor (Hibrido de Timor)
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Introducing this subspecies in 8 paragraphs
🔂 Timur hybrid is considered among the Arabusta hybrids, which is a result of the random crossbreeding of:
Camphora (Robusta) + Typica (Arabica) subspecies is obtained.
It was first discovered in 1917 on the island of Timor in Southeast Asia.
🗝 these Arabostai subspecies probably originated from a Robusta parent.🌱 The Timur hybrid became famous due to its natural resistance to the leaf rust pest in the 1950s.

In 1978, these hybrid subspecies were harvested from Timor and planted in Aceh, Sumatra and Flores islands for a short distance. Since then, many changes and mutations have occurred on these subspecies.
Various examples of these hybrids have been used to produce and breed subspecies resistant to leaf rust and other diseases:
Catimore and Sarchimore in Brazil🇧🇷
and subspecies Colombia in Colombia 🇨🇴

🚜 Timur hybrid is cultivated in many coffee-growing countries today due to its resistance to pests, which it inherited from its parent

🗣 Timor hybrid is known as Tim Tim in Indonesia. Tim Tim is actually an abbreviation of Timor Timur in Indonesian and means East Timor

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