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There is a need to buy a coffee grinder for every coffee drinker..

Whether you are a fan of traditional coffee, whether you are a fan of coffee makers, whether you are a fan of Turkish coffee, whether you are a fan of espresso or a fan of any other type of coffee, you need to have a A cup of tasty and fragrant coffee, you must have a coffee grinder. Because grinding coffee beans fresh before brewing coffee has a great effect on the freshness, taste and aroma of coffee.

History of the coffee mill The coffee mill was invented by the Romans 1350 years before Christ and before the discovery of coffee. with the difference that in the beginning, instead of grinding coffee, they used it to prepare flour and grind food.

Naturally, after discovering coffee in Ethiopia and sending it to other parts of the world, they used this very simple and basic mill to grind and grind coffee, along with other materials. But the first machine for manual coffee grinding in Asia was made by Iranians or Turks. And in Europe, a person named Nicholas Bock built and mass produced a mill that he had designed.

Don’t forget that coffee grinders are divided into two general categories:

– domestic (electric/manual)

– industrial and semi-industrial

Electric coffee grinders are divided into two categories, blade coffee grinders and toothed coffee grinders, according to the type of blade. The toothed coffee grinder itself is divided into two groups: the toothed plate and the toothed funnel.

The function of all electric coffee grinders is the same, and their difference is only in the shape of the blade. The way these devices work is that you first adjust the fineness or coarseness of the coffee. Then by turning on the machine, the coffee beans move towards the blades and are ground.

Finally, the guiding levers pour the ground coffee into the hopper. The great and unique feature of these electric grinders is that you can choose the fineness or coarseness of the ground coffee very precisely.

❗️ We will tell you which coffee needs which grinder in detail in the next post.

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