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Colors of roasted coffee

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✴️ Types of colors obtained from roasting: 1️⃣ Light Roast: Light-colored coffees with almost no oil, mild taste, and high acidity. The split and crack in the center of the seed does not change much and has not yet fully opened. This coffee is divided into: 🔆Ultra light to medium light are divided ✅ Modern recipes are very detailed to do the process exactly when the first crack occurs, so your coffee will be light or ultra light, which will have the following characteristics: Very high acidity, lovely aroma, fruit and citrus taste, interesting aftertaste, compact but thin body. 2️⃣ medium roast: Coffees with a light color tending to dark brown 🤏 a relatively heavy taste ♨️ bodies heavier than light ◾️ the cracks and cracks of the brown are somewhat opened. Medium category of: Light medium to dark medium are different. 3️⃣dark roast: The color is between dark brown to black ⚫️ very low acidity 👎 completely oily 🪔 heavy taste 🔺 compact body Categories include: 🌑 Medium dark starts and finally reaches ultra dark. ⚠️ If sufficient skill in roasting is accompanied by undesirable characteristics and features such as the following: ❌️ Spicy and grassy taste, unpleasant taste inside unripe banana, notes of peanuts, grains or freshly baked bread after a short and one-dimensional period. In recent years, Starbucks uses the term golden or blonde roast to introduce its lightest coffees. ⚫️Basically, Starbucks has a dark roast philosophy, and we know the common products of this company with black coffees, and in fact, this company searched that using an attractive name is more chosen for purchase, and it is also different in golden or blond Starbucks coffees. They don’t have with medium and lights. The higher the quality of the coffee beans, the less roasting they need. 🏷Sponsored by: ▫️Mehran Raeisi General Trading LLC




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