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Greenpro bag (GRAINPRO)

Also known as Super Grain Pro Bag or SGB.

These bags allow buyers and customers of green coffee beans to have the most effective way to protect their coffee during transportation and storage.


Currently, Greenpro bags and tarpaulins are among the most popular bags for coffee packaging around the world. From Guatemala to Sumatra, these bags are even making their way to coffee plantations in Ethiopia. Of course, the English word bag is not translated into Farsi, but it is the closest word to it.


These bags are supplied as double-layered and insulated or so-called airtight. The outer layer of this packaging is made of polyethylene with high endurance to protect the product against impact and tearing. The inner layer is also made of an airtight bag in order to prevent the passage of air and moisture.

History of Greenpro company

Since its establishment in 1992, this company has used airtight and super-insulated technology in its packaging and affordable prices for these bags and tarpaulins. Over time, it has been able to increase its popularity among farmers and especially coffee farms in recent years. These airtight bags have brought a waterproof and airtight atmosphere to protect the green coffee beans well.


Green Pro linoleum is available in three sizes:

Small – 15 kg medium volume (special design for storing coffee)

Medium – volume between 25 and 30 kg

Large – maximum volume up to 69 kg

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To place an order: 3622 914 0991☎️

Zagros Business Group – direct import of commercial and specialty coffees

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