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❗️ Four of the common packages of raw coffee:


🟤 cloth bags (sack)

Ordinary cloth bags such as sacks are the most common and economical option for packing and transporting green coffee. Sack is a renewable resource and a kind of cheap bag, the use of which does not require special skills and equipment beyond the standards available in any coffee drying factory or export companies. Cloth bags do not protect coffee from moisture and excess odors in the air, and due to the vulnerability of coffee beans, it is very likely that coffee beans will spoil and change the flavor and taste of coffee during the transportation and storage process.


⚪️ Vacuum packages

This type of packaging is the best type of packaging available for green coffees. This type of packaging protects green coffee from moisture, odor change, and oxygen in the air, and therefore saves green coffee from aging and premature aging. Before vacuuming the coffees, one should pay attention to the water activity of the coffee beans and measure it in order to prevent the coffee packages from becoming moldy and fungal. This type of packaging requires special skills and tools and often delays the transportation of green coffee, so in general, it cannot be said that this type of packaging does not involve any risks and costs.


Grainpro packaging

Grainpro and other sealed packaging methods also protect the coffee from moisture and other hazards, and are cheaper and easier to use than vacuum packaging. Grainpro bags protect green coffee for a longer period of time than cloth bags, but this time is still less than vacuum packaging and something close to half. They are often known as the best and most practical method of packaging green coffee.


Freezing, a type of vacuum packaging but below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius, can keep coffee’s aroma unchanged for years. Some roasters store large amounts of coffee with this method and offer it to customers as antique coffee several years after harvesting, but customers usually do not have a demand for such coffees. Maybe the experience of drinking coffee that has been harvested for almost five years but has a taste similar to freshly harvested coffee.

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