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Coffee Needle & Portafilter

Needle is a device that is used for layering and spreading and distributing coffee powder in pertafilter. This device is a practical tool for loosening the stuck together espresso coffee powders. Pertafilter is one of the main equipment of espresso machines, which makes your coffee extract in the best way. Choosing a good pertafiller will make you get more crema, which means more flavor from the espresso.

In fact, you pour your coffee powder into the coffee maker and wait for your machine to perform the extraction. Preta filter is used only for making espresso coffee, which is prepared with an espresso machine, and is not used for other methods of making coffee, such as Turkish coffee, French coffee, etc. The portafilter basket is the part of the portafilter that holds the espresso-sized ground coffee beans and is located below where the water passes through the beans.

another name for the basket; It is a basket and comes in two main types; Single basket and double basket. Double baskets are used to make double espresso coffee, because they have a greater depth to hold the coffee powder and hold a larger volume of coffee and have two coffee exit tubes. Single baskets are less deep and use one coffee outlet and are used to prepare regular espresso coffee. There are different types of pertafilters that work in different ways.

Pressurized Pertafilters: As the name suggests, they have a mechanism to create additional pressure during the brewing process. Each manufacturer has a slightly different design in terms of filter baskets, hole sizes and hole patterns, but they are generally the same. 2) Low-level pertafilters: which are also known as bottomless pertafilters, are also used to prepare espresso, but due to their low efficiency and the fact that coffee extraction is not done well, so the espresso crema is not extracted! coffee_educational_post_raw_coffee_green_coffee_needle_coffee_pretafilter_coffee_coffee_equipment 🔸️ Sponsor: Zagros Trading 🌍importer of all kinds of raw coffee beans in Iran, Arabica and Robusta 👈 Very reliable store of coffee equipment where you can buy needle and prefilter:

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