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🔸️Subject:How much do you know about coffee juice?

❓️Crema: Espresso-colored caramel top layer that consists of co2 and coffee oils.

❌️under extracted coffee: Espresso that is less and incompletely extracted! which has these features: 1) Large volume 2) Weak aroma 3) Light and weak cream 4) Salty and sour taste 5) Short aftertaste And the full reason for not extracting it: low input coffee weight, low water temperature, low machine pressure and low temp.

Over extracted coffee: Espresso that has been extracted too much! And it has these features: 1) Low volume 2) Burnt aroma 3) Burnt cream and dark brown 4) Excessive bitterness 5) Gas and dry mouth after drinking And the reason for its excessive extraction is: fine grinding, high weight of incoming coffee, high water temperature, high water pressure and too heavy temp. ✅️ It is better for coffee correction and complete and perfect extraction: First, check the amount of incoming coffee Then adjust the mill And if it is over again, change the temperature and pressure (if possible and the capability of the espresso machine) and keep the temp constant. ⚫️ It should be mentioned that dark roast coffee needs lower temperature, less time and less amount of incoming coffee compared to light roast coffee.


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