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Coffee in Vietnam

We come to the most interesting coffee drinking customs in Vietnam. In Vietnam, people drink coffee all day, several times a day. There are three common types of coffee served in Vietnam: black coffee, coffee with condensed milk, and cold coffee with condensed milk. Drinking a cup of coffee on the sidewalk or in a cafe with open windows is an integral part of life in Vietnam. Today, if you order a coffee in Vietnam, you should expect a glass of coffee sweetened with condensed milk. Called ca phe sua da, this drink is prepared using a small drip filter and gradually fills a cup with the drink.

Then hot and strong coffee is served, often with a few tablespoons of condensed milk. Because of the sweet taste, the drink is more like a dessert. Sometimes coffee is served in a different way. First, it takes about 10 minutes for the coffee to drip into the glass, after which ice is immediately added. The result is a strong yet refreshing drink that is usually sold at street stalls and drunk to beat the heat.

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