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Coffee in Saudi Arabia

The customs of drinking coffee in Saudi Arabia are very similar to the customs of Ethiopian people. One of the most interesting customs of coffee drinking in Saudi Arabia is roasting, grinding, and brewing ceremonially in front of guests. Arabic coffee is also prepared with spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and saffron, and the hosts follow the standards of etiquette and serve coffee to older people first. However, unlike Ethiopian customs, only one-third of the coffee cup is filled in Arabic ceremonies, and drinking at least one cup of coffee is considered respectful and polite to the host. Coffee is served with sweet dates and dried fruits to counter the bitterness of the drink. This tradition of drinking coffee started when the first wild coffee plants were cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula around the 15th century.

Today, Saudi Arabia’s coffee rituals play such a prominent role in Arab society that it has earned a place on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list.

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