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Coffee Basket & Filterscreen

Basket & Filterscreen are two new and important tools that play a very, very, very important role in good extraction! What is a basket? We call a metal container that is placed inside the pertafilter and we pour the espresso powder into it to extract the extract. Baskets have two different shapes: 1️⃣The first group is double or pressurize: Pressurized baskets often have two layers at the bottom. And the espresso extract passes through these two layers and exits through a passage that is difficult to exit. It is under a lot of pressure. And in between the two layers, it mixes with air and creates foam.

The size of the espresso grinder is for homemade pressure cookers. 2nd group of single or non-pressurized: Non-pressurized baskets are made of one layer. which may be seen in the light similar to the other side of the net. These baskets are generally found in devices with semi-industrial filters such as Nova 128 and Jamila 3005 or industrial ones with a size of 58 mm. are used The grind in non-pressure baskets is considered slightly finer than in pressure baskets. And this size mill is called an industrial mill.

One of the advantages of non-pressurized baskets is not having to worry about cleaning this series of baskets. If you drain these baskets after a few days. They are cleaned just like the first day. And its pores can be easily cleaned. These baskets will not lose quality over time! What is a screen filter or screen cleaner? It is made of metal alloys that cannot be easily oxidized even at high temperatures. The high efficiency of extraction and the reduction of channeling are the main reasons for using Pakscreen. Of course, Pakscreen is made for pertafilters of sizes 51 and 58, i.e. domestic, semi-industrial, and industrial. It should be noted that this product is for permanent use, and after each use, wash and reuse your Pakscreen. Get a good extract in addition to the whole coffee cake from the basket.

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