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Coffeebean Colors

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🔸️Subject: Customer question “I have a coffee roaster.. How do I design a suitable diagram for roasting my beans?”


Answer: By knowing the following information :


1️⃣blue gray color: This color is the best and most desirable color found in high quality coffee beans.


♨️ in a medium roast, the seeds that have this pigment produce a dark chocolate color and are slightly shiny and shiny.The seeds containing this pigment have balanced sourness.


2️⃣Gray green color: Coffees from Central, South America, Papua and Hawaii have such pigments. They have a heavy body and a mild taste.3️⃣ brownish green color: ⚠️ The seeds that have this color were either picked before they were ripe or they were picked after they were very ripe. ⚠️ Also, conditions of high fermentation, staying in the warehouse for a long time and drying too much can cause such a color. 🔸️ These seeds usually have a light and slightly sour texture, and the predominant earthy and woody taste is felt in them, which is usually improved by dark roasting.


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