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Coffee Aftertastes

What is the taste of coffee?

❓️ What do you say when you want to tell someone the taste of what you ate?

⭕️ You must use names that remind someone else of a taste.

➰️ If you want to explain in general, you will be satisfied with sour, or sweet and similar, but if you want to explain a little more professionally, for example, you will use the words earthy or caramel. These same words are scientifically classified as “flavor cycle” or “coffee flavor cycle”.

Common coffee aromas include floral, winey, chocolate, spicy, tobacco, earthy, and fruity..

It is a combination process of aroma and flavor when the coffee vapor goes to the nasal passages, making the experience of tasting coffee more accurate. If the coffee is stored in the right way, the freshness of the coffee and its aroma can be preserved for months. In other words, the aroma of coffee is closely related to its taste. Without the sense of smell, tastes are limited to sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Many nuances of a coffee are reflected in its smell. For example, subtle floral notes are clearly experienced in the perfume, especially during extraction.

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