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Clever is considered one of the most beloved and convenient brewing tools for fans of brewed coffee, which is named so because of the ease of serving and separating the coffee from its powders. The mechanism of this device in brewing is very close to the French press. Among the few differences between these two methods, we can mention the need for chlorine in the filter and the type of serving. How to prepare coffee with chlorine 🔻☕️ In the first step of brewing coffee with chlorine tools, like other devices, you must grind your coffee beans with the right grade (medium to coarse grind) for chlorine. Then fold the chlorine filter according to the instructions in the video and place it inside the chlorine. Using a kettle, pour boiling water on all parts of the filter so that all parts are completely wet. Third, the filter should completely stick to the container.

After finishing this work, empty the boiling water inside the filter and pour the ground coffee on the filter. It should be noted that for this brewing method you need 18 grams of ground coffee (equivalent to two tablespoons). You should also make the surface of the coffee completely smooth and even after pouring it. The amount of water needed at this stage is 270 cc (equivalent to two empty glasses) with a temperature between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius. At first, pour a small amount of this water (about 40 cc) on the surface of the coffee so that it is completely wet. This process is called blooming (emission of carbon dioxide gas from the coffee). After 15 seconds, you can empty the rest of the water evenly and evenly, then stir the surface of the coffee with a spoon (preferably wooden). so that water and coffee are better in contact with each other.

Put the lid of the chlorine and give it time for two minutes until the brewing is complete. After brewing the coffee, place it on your container or glass until all the coffee is emptied from the chlorine, then throw away the filter and rinse with warm water. Clean yourself. Pay attention to use only warm water to wash chlorine. Finally, observing two points that are very important in the chlorine method; ✔️ One is the ratio of water to coffee ✔️ and the other is the appropriate grinding degree that will help you in better brewing and the final taste of coffee.

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