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What is chemex? Chemex is one of the most popular third-generation coffee brewing tools that can provide  an ideal taste of a brewed coffee in any situation. This tool was invented by Peter Shelboom in 1941, which was gradually mass-produced by Chemex in Massachusetts, so that even as one of the best inventions in 1958, an example of it was placed in the art museum. The method of brewing by chemex is the same in electric models and manual models, in this way, it is done by pouring water on the coffee powder.

How to prepare coffee with chemex, the essentials required for this brewing method are a scale, chemex, filter (chemex) and kettle (kettle). At first, you should grind your coffee beans to the right degree for chemex. The amount of coffee needed for brewing Avari for two people is 27 grams. Preferably, if the coffee is ground before brewing, it has a significant effect on the final flavor. The water used is also measured by the main ratio of grams of coffee per liter of water (55 to 65 grams of coffee per liter of water), according to this ratio, we need 450 cc of water for this brewing. Then put the filter in the opening of the filter. Also, in the type of placement, it should be noted that the three-leaf part of the filter should be placed in front of the filter.

In the next step, use a kettle to pour boiling water on all parts of the filter until it is completely wet. This work is done for three reasons: firstly, the taste of the paper filter is lost, secondly, the container compartment is completely heated, and thirdly, the filter sticks to the container completely. After this, empty the water inside the coffee maker and place it on the scale and empty your ground coffee on the filter. In the next step, pour water with a temperature between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius (water that has boiled) to the amount of 2 times the weight of the coffee (here about 50 grams) on the surface of the coffee. At this stage, with the release of carbon dioxide gases, bubbles are formed on the surface of the coffee, which is called blooming. Empty the rest of the water evenly over the coffee, but the only point of this part is that the water from the The surface of the coffee should not be separated. At the end, you can stir the surface of the water with a wooden spoon for better extraction.

Enjoy your meal!

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