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☕️ Aroma, in the professional manual of barista, Mr. Scott Rao defines it as “the feeling of heaviness or richness of a drink in the mouth”. ☕️ In fact, coffee body is the texture and heaviness of coffee that is felt on the surface of the tongue.

👅Of course, the smell of coffee has nothing to do with the sense of taste, but it is the feeling that a person gets when drinking coffee.

👅 Coffee body is almost the main factor that affects the perceived taste of coffee.

When hot water reacts with coffee particles, some of the ingredients of coffee are dissolved in water (soluble in water) and some are not dissolved in water (insoluble in water).

🪨Insoluble substances in water include: oils, proteins and fibers in coffee. These are the substances insoluble in water that increase wind.❓️ What is the reason for the difference in the aroma of different coffees?


‼️The most important variables affecting the aroma of different coffees are:

1️⃣Processes of coffee processing

2️⃣Methods of coffee brewing ✔️Effect of roast on aroma of coffee: Darker roast beans usually have heavier aroma. The “first crack” stage determines the amount of airiness. By lengthening the time of the first crack of the roast, the airiness increases.

✔️ The effect of how to brew on the aroma of coffee: using paper filters will absorb coffee oils into the filter and make the aroma lighter.

❌️ Brewing with Komex gives a light air to the coffee. Brewing with a French press gives a heavy air to the coffee drink. 〰️ Brewing with Europress gives a moderate air to the coffee.

🔥So, the thickest coffees are definitely from the espresso category, and if the Ugandan coffee bean is Robusta, how much better! You will have the thickest texture!

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