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Best Coffee Roasters(part 2)

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1️⃣Budget The first thing you should consider is the amount of your budget to buy a coffee roaster. When calculating the budget, consider the cost of essential items such as a flue, pollution control equipment, an initial inventory of green coffee beans, quality control tools, a laptop to record roast information, and various supplies. Also, your budget should include installation costs, permits, and architectural drawings for the permit process. If it is the first time you want to buy a coffee roaster, buy a machine that has a capacity between 6 and 15 kg per roast.

2️⃣Capacity To choose the right coffee roaster capacity, it is necessary to estimate the amount of coffee you want to roast on a weekly basis during the next 2 years.

Consider how much coffee you expect to roast each week over the next 2 years. My advice is to buy a coffee roaster that does not require more than 25 hours of work to roast the amount of coffee you want.

If your goal is a quality roast, it is usually better to do 3 to 3.5 roasts in 1 hour, using 50% to 70% of the machine’s nominal capacity each time. Then calculate the weight loss of 14-20% for each roast and see how much coffee your machine can roast in one hour.

Some coffee roasters are more reliable than others. Devices with fewer parts, less advanced features, and heavier construction are more durable and reliable. Older, simpler coffee roasters are examples of lower-tech devices that last longer.

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