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Best Coffee Roasters(part 1)

This post is for new roasters☕️

▪️You are reading the first part of the “Coffee Roaster” series of training posts:

♨️If you are looking to buy a coffee roaster, we have prepared this article for you..

✔️In 3 training posts, all the points that Experimentally, we will teach you what you should keep in mind when buying a coffee roaster, and at the end you will understand what kind of roaster with what equipment is best for you.but some coffee roasters have features that make high-quality roasting and repeatability very difficult, even for skilled people.

Among the common examples of these characteristics are:

1️⃣being thin and single-walled drum (cylindrical housing of the grid),

2️⃣slow gas valves,

3️⃣valves with poor separation and low settings,

4️⃣excessive insulation of the drum,

5️⃣slow or misplaced detector

6️⃣ and limited control over the roasting process after the first crack occurs.

📛 So, to buy a good roasting machine, you should look into the following features: budget💸




user interface📞 aesthetics🔍

device settings💻

 types of roasters🏷 features📃

🔜 each of the above factors We will explain to you in the next Zagros post dated April 23.

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