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Introducing a convenient and cheap brewing ✅️ Aeropress (Aeropress) is one of the most famous coffee making machines. The basis of this device’s work is the method of using pressure to prepare coffee. Aeropress was invented about 11 years ago by an engineer, physicist and lecturer at Stanford University named Alan Adler. Adler, who was very sensitive about making a good cup of coffee and controlling the bitterness and acidity of the coffee, invented this device with the tools he had. This device combines water and coffee powder with pressure and you can prepare a great coffee better than the French press with it. What is the best brewing method with Aeropress? Wash the Aeropress with warm water before starting. Add filtered water to the kettle or device you are using to heat the water. Water quality is very important, it is 90% of your coffee! Grind the coffee beans to a fine size.

Add the desired amount of coffee to its container using the spoon that comes with the Aeropress. Add about 50 ml of boiling water to the container and boil for 30 seconds. This process releases CO2 from the coffee powder. Then add the remaining 150 to 170 ml of water to it. Turn it a little with a spoon and mix. Wait another 30 seconds. Then moisten the rubber top of the Aeropress, attach the filter and press gently, this process takes about 15 to 30 seconds. Avoid quick pressing and longer brewing times as it can extract more bitterness.

🟠 Important tips when making coffee with AeroPress: You have to pay attention to the water temperature. Boiling water will make your coffee bitter. For this, boil the water and remove it from the heat for 1 minute before use. The ideal temperature is between 80 and finally 85 degrees Celsius. Also, try to use fresh and quality coffee so that you can fully feel the different flavors of extraction with it.

Why should we use Europress? 1- Compared to other methods of brewing coffee, it is easier and no special technique is required. Just pour and squeeze. 2- Reasonable price 3- It is light and durable and is considered a good option for traveling. 4- It is very fast so that you can drink a good cup of coffee in about 1 minute.

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