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3 different Coffee brewing methods

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There are different methods of brewing coffee, each of which creates a different taste in coffee. This variety is the result of changes in factors such as water temperature, the shape of the device and its type, the type and type of filter and the degree of coffee grinding, each of which is used in a different way in each device.

3️⃣There are three main methods in brewing coffee:

– Immersion: In this method, time is an important factor in the amount of extraction, such as French press, chlorine and Turkish coffee…, in this form of brewing, water and coffee are placed next to each other for a certain period of time until Extraction should be done. 2- Concentrated pouring or Pour Over: In this brewing method, water with a certain temperature is poured from above in a circular manner. Meanwhile, there is a filter that filters the coffee and the extracted coffee comes out from the end of the filter; such as Kameks, V Shasat, Kalita and Jam. In this method, the brewing device and the ratio of water to coffee and the type of water drop in the final product are very effective. 3- Pressure: In this method, coffee is extracted by creating pressure, such as espresso machine, Europress, Mokapot, etc.; Pressure dissolves more soluble and insoluble solids than coffee, and the higher the pressure, the higher the extraction, and the lower the pressure, the lower the extraction.

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