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Aroma of coffee

Maybe before this you thought that coffee has only one special and unique aroma, but this is not the case! Coffee can have different flavors and aromas according to the type of processing, the height of the place of growth, the type of coffee roasting and the type of brewing. ♨️

 🔸️ Do you know what fragrance is?

The aroma of dry coffee after grinding is called fragrance.

Do you know what aroma is? We call the aroma of brewed coffee aroma. Aroma is a set of gases trapped in coffee, which is created in coffee beans during the roasting process.

We perceive aroma in addition to the nose (Orthonasal Smell)👃through the olfactory sensors of the mouth (Retronasal smell)🤑

 It is because of these sensors that we take a slurp in cupping to understand the aroma. 👅 It is interesting to know that green coffee does not have much smell, and the good smell of coffee is due to the roasting of coffee beans, which creates various volatile compounds and the same The compounds create the unique smell of coffee. Since our tongue only recognizes salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (a Japanese word meaning delicious), what we taste from the smell of coffee in the mouth is caused by the smell. It is coffee. Although we have sensors on the tongue to detect taste, 80% of the taste is sensed through the smell receptors in the nose.

In this way, 80% of what we feel about the taste of food and drinks depends on their smell, and only 20% is related to taste.

How many aromas can be felt from coffee?

They make more than 850 different combinations of coffee aromas!!!!

Some examples of the most famous aromas are as follows:

Guatemala City Roast – Sweet chocolaty aroma. Colombia Bucuramanga – Fruity aroma

Brazil Full Roast – Nutty Aroma

Ethiopia – Clean sweet (citrusy) aroma

Uganda Bugisu- Dark chocolate aroma Indonesia – Fruity aroma India Plantation – Spicy aroma

Kenya – Sweet fruity aroma


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