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Honey process of coffee

In recent years, this method has become the most popular professional method in the coffee industry. Because this method is a suitable and intelligent combination of two washed and natural methods.

1️⃣This processing method starts with picking coffee cherries and peeling their thin layer.

2️⃣When the thin layer is separated, the seed with the mucilage attached to it is spread out to dry in the sun.

🍒 Since the skin of the cherry is removed but the pulp of the cherry remains, during drying in this method, a sweet taste with a lot of air appears.

Advantages and disadvantages:

+ Emergence of sweet and interesting brown

+ Low water loss

+ Allows farmers to influence the taste of the final cup.

Depending on how much pulp is left on the grain, different colors and different flavors appear:

  Honey yellow: Honey yellow coffees appear during semi-washed processing, which is designed based on removing the largest amount of mucilage around the coffee.

⚫️Honey red/Honey black: In this processing, a certain amount of mucilage is removed, this amount is less than honey yellow processing. While in black honey processing, all the mucilage remains on the grain and nothing is separated.

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